Sunday, July 2, 2017

My Summer Shoes

Here we are in the Summer of 2017.  I have several well worn pairs of shoes that are falling apart at the seams and one even has a broken sole!

I ponder the options as I wear my scuffed and scraped up shoes.  Shall I buy a new pair on Amazon? It is good to support local businesses.  Maybe I should buy a pair of lovelies from Sole Desire on First Street.  Hmmm...Larks has great well made comfortable and cute shoes.

Meanwhile, I continue wearing my old shoes.  Every day I remember that millions and millions of people do not have an option of buying shoes.

This blog began as I was painting a number of shoe paintings and found out about Soles 4 Souls. Over the course of time, sales of paintings raised over $1000. to buy and deliver shoes to those souls in need.  What a joy.

I want to once again increase my giving to help deliver shoes to those in need.